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iotracker Camera

Technical specifications:

  • Frame Rate: 60Hz (120Hz at reduced resolution).
  • Imaging sensor type: 1/3" global-shutter CMOS.
  • Imaging sensor resolution: 0.36 megapixels (752 x 480 pixels native).
  • Interface: IEEE 1394a (Firewire 400), 6-pin connector. IIDC DCAM v1.31 compatible.
  • Synchronization: External trigger signal (generated by the iotracker synchronization unit), <100μs accuracy. RG-59 BNC (75 Ohm) connector.
  • Mounting option: Standard UNC 1/4"-20 tripod thread (located at the bottom).
  • Operating range: 0.5 - 5.5 meters, depending on marker size.
  • LED strobe: IR 850nm, ±60° FOV (half-angle), software-adjustable intensity.
  • Lens: 3.0mm, f2.0 (standard option), 90° diagonal FOV, IR bandpass filter. Factory-calibrated for non-linear lens distortions and mechanical misalignments.
  • Lens mount: M12x0.5 microlens holder.
  • Power: 12V DC, 1A, 5.5mm/2.5mm power jack.
  • Dimensions: 71.0mm/27.95"(W) x 66.0mm/25.98"(H) x 40.0mm/15.75"(D).

Ordering part numbers:

Item number
CAMERA iotracker camera (Rev. A).
Does not include cables or a power adapter.
CAMERA/KIT iotracker camera kit (Rev. A).
Includes 1x CAMERA, 1x FW-CABLE/10M (IEEE-1394a cable), 1x BNC-CABLE/10M (BNC coaxial cable) and 1x PWR/12V (12V power adapter).