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Key Features & Functionality

  • Proven, reliable technology: iotracker is a passive marker-based infrared-optical (850nm) motion-tracking system. It ships with lightweight untethered rigid-body targets that can be attached to almost any interaction device.
  • Modern, cost-effective design: All image processing is performed in parallel on an off-the-shelf PC workstation (or a notebook), taking full advantage of modern multi-core CPUs. No expensive, proprietary "black-box" hardware is required.
  • Great scalability: Connect up to 8 cameras per workstation. A total of 12 independent 6-DOF rigid-body targets can be tracked simultaneously (on current-generation quad-core machines). The best part: tracking performance will increase with every new CPU generation.
  • High adaptability: From desktop-sized interaction spaces to an entire room (up to 4x4x3m), iotracker systems can be arranged in a configuration that best suits your application.
  • Wide field-of-view: Up to 90° field-of-view (lens and IR-strobe) ensures excellent coverage even in tight spaces or inside a CAVE.
  • Scientific-grade data quality: Submillimeter precision and <5mm accuracy (RMS) of point-measurements throughout the entire tracking volume.
  • Interactive update rates: Up to 60Hz. All cameras are shutter-synchronized to within 100μs.
  • Low latency: 18-40ms (depending on number of tracked rigid-body targets). Additional predictive filtering algorithms mitigate the effects of latency.
  • Minimal noise: Less than 0.1mm (position) and 0.02° (orientation) jitter.
  • Compact construction: Camera dimensions measure only 71x66x40 mm (2.8x2.6x1.6").
  • Ease of integration: Built-in support for a wide range of third-party software packages through VRPN (Virtual Reality Peripheral Network), OpenTracker and additional standardized interfaces. A free SDK with C/C++ source-code examples is available for Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux.