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The iotracker client/server software is the centerpiece of every iotracker motion-tracking system. Using advanced machine-vision algorithms and a highly parallel software architecture that was specifically designed and optimized for modern multi-core CPUs, the iotracker software offers an unbeatable cost/performance ratio. The iotracker server application features an easy-to-use graphical user interface that covers every aspect of the tracking process, including camera calibration, coordinate-system alignment and rigid-body target training/management. Real-time graphical monitoring and visualization of the tracking output is provided by the iotracker client application.

Supported Interfaces


  • VRPN (Virtual Reality Peripheral Network). The iotracker server application contains a built-in VRPN device server, allowing VRPN-aware client applications to directly stream tracking data from the server machine over a TCP/IP ethernet connection.
  • A.R.T. DTrack Protocol Emulation. The iotracker server application implements a subset of the network protocol used by A.R.T. DTrack systems. This means you can now use an iotracker as a drop-in replacement for your old A.R.T. system!


System Requirements

Licensing and Update Policy

The iotracker software is licensed per camera and requires a USB hardware dongle on the tracking workstation. Registered customers will receive free software updates and service packs for the lifetime of their iotracker system. Updates are available on our password-protected download page.

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Ordering part numbers:

Item number
SW-LICENSE Software license for a single iotracker camera.
SW-DONGLE USB dongle for storing software licenses.
SW-CDROM CD-ROM containing the iotracker software and user manual.