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The iotracker knowledge base contains a list of the most commonly asked questions about the iotracker system, as well as solutions to a variety of common problems. Check the list below for the answer to your question. If your question or issue isn't addressed here, please contact our technical support team.

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General questions

How do I find my dongle serial number?

The CD-ROM labeled iotracker System Calibration Data that shipped with your iotracker system contains an XML-file called "license.xml". Open this file in a text editor (e.g. Windows Notepad) and locate the following line:

<license product_key="..." dongle_number="1234567890"/> 

The numeric value of the attribute dongle_number is your dongle serial number (in the example above: 1234567890).

When I would like to run Extrinsic calibration I got an error message, saying:

XML Document "C:..\calib_temp\calibration.xml" is missing or corrupt.

One of the cameras exhibits an extermely poor calibration point coverage (see attached image), probably due to environmental reflections. Extrinsic Calibration Tool can't calculate its data. Try masking out the offending spot.

calibration diagnosis

I got an error message, saying:

file error: "Failed to create directory required to extract the CTF file. Directory:"

Run application as Administrator (in Windows 7 the user is standard user by default.)

Is iotracker software is compatible with Windows 7?

YES, iotracker software is compatible with Windows 7. You will need to install the latest FlyCapture camera drivers. The drivers can be downloaded here:

How should we place (approximately) the cameras on the ceiling? On a rectangle about 3mX3m or a wider rectangle (how much wider)?

Each camera has 3.0mm, f2.0 (standard option) LENS, and 90° diagonal FOV To cover the 3m x 3m you should place cameras wider a little. To do the optimization here is the step by step tutorial:

  • Start flycap.exe from the desktop or from startmenu PGR FlyCap.exe
  • Click on one camera serial to view the place which the camera can cover
  • Click view camera control dialog(a little bug picture)
  • In the options menu select shutter and increase it till you see the room in the camera
  • Set the positions of the cameras with the help of the viewer

I got an error message, saying:

we're installing the 6-camera-system in a room with a powerwall. The software (1.1.584) runs under Windows 7 64-bit. All the cameras are recognized and the server seems to work. But when we start the client, it always says 'no connection to server', no matter whether we start it locally or on another pc and whether we specify an ip-adress using the '--server_addr=" switch or not. The server itself always recognizes when a client is started (Connections: 1 and the right IP-adress is shown).

It seems there are too many blobs in your area. Blobs make bigger data packets which our system can't process, at first try to decrease your blobs under 5.