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iotracker Synchronization Unit

Technical specifications:

  • Number of cameras: Up to 8 iotracker cameras per synchronization unit. Can be extended by daisy-chaining multiple synchronization units.
  • Modes: Two time-shifted synchronization groups (prevents IR strobe interference). Master/slave mode. Can be driven from external circuitry (TTL-compatible voltage-level or 20mA current-loop signal). All features configurable via DIP switches.
  • Connectors: 8x RG-59 BNC trigger-signal output (front), 1x 3-pin Mini-DIN VESA stereo signal input (front), 1x RG-59 BNC trigger-signal input (back).
  • Output signal: 20mA current-loop.
  • Input signal: Voltage-level (3.3V and 5V TTL-compatible) or 20mA current-loop.
  • Shutter-glasses: Interoperable with IR-controlled Crystal Eyes 3 shutter-glasses (with E2 emitter) from REAL D Scientific. (under development - available soon!)
  • Power: 5V DC, 1A, 5.5mm/2.5mm power jack.
  • Dimensions: 105.0mm/41.34"(W) x 52.0mm/20.47"(H) x 50.0mm/19.69"(D, without BNC jack).

Ordering part numbers:

Item number
SYNC-UNIT iotracker synchronization unit (Rev. A).
Does not include cables or a power adapter.
SYNC-UNIT/KIT iotracker synchronization kit (Rev. A).
Includes 1x SYNC-UNIT and 1x PWR/5V (5V power adapter).